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Which Powerpuff Girl is the best?

Which Powerpuff Girl is the best?

  • Blossom, commander and the leader (20%, 2 Votes)
  • Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter (60%, 6 Votes)
  • Buttercup, and she's the toughest fighter (20%, 2 Votes)
Number of votes: 10

Which Powerpuff Girl is the best?

Bubbles is very obviously the best powerpuff girl. Where all three of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, Bubbles weakness- perhaps her "gullibility" and trusting nature do not exactly translate into weaknesses like Blossom's bossiness or Buttercup's aggressiveness.

In fact, in many episodes Bubbles is bullied and ridiculed by her sisters for being "weak" or "emotional" to the point of fault and consider her the weakest link in the powerpuff girl chain dynamic (more on this below). The fact that Blossom and Buttercup would treat Bubbles so poorly makes it very clear that neither of them are the best: but that doesn't mean that Bubbles just wins by default.

I had to do some research about this example because I couldnt remember the name of the ep, but it is called Mime for A change. Idk if u guys remember it? basically an awful clown turns the whole city black and white and Bubbles completely looses it. While she is suffering and obsessively trying to color the town back in with her crayons, Blossom and Buttercup go naughty adventuring and end up getting the color sucked from them as well. Bubbles, not using brute force as her sister's had tried, instead does what she does best- generally being a kind girl. she sings a song and plays a dope drum solo and saves the town with the power of color and song.

That one ep where Bubbles gets mad and fucks everything up is another example. After tolerating the mistreatment from her sisters for so long Bubbles flies (ha) into a rage and just decimates everything. It should also be noted that Bubbles didn't lose her temper in an attempt to hurt or punish her sisters, it was simply a reaction that the lesser of us would have reached much earlier on. In the process she singlehandedly defeats Mojo and her sisters see her as a more valuable member of their team (if Blossom and Buttercup knew anything about teamplaying they wouldn't have had to wait until this point and watch Bubbles suffer just to "prove herself"). It's clear that Bubbles may struggle the most with containing her emotions and only using her powers for good and not evil, even more so than we'd expect from Buttercup as Bubbles would be a particularly formidable enemy for the girls. It's so easy to imagine that kindness and delicacy equate to someone being weak, but look at Bubbles!

Bubbles is strong and independent- when she needs to be. She relies on her sisters as any rational team playing powerpuff girl would (should) when in contrast Blossom and Buttercup don't even try to hide their overt selfishness. Powerpuff girls was a kid's show and it's this author's opinion that Bubbles was the best example for the value of kindness and honesty for children in that show.

tl;dr bubbles is the best because her weaknesses aren't actually weaknesses and save the day in a more quality-over-quantity basis.

Thoughts and counterpoints? I am eager to hear what everyone else thinks


Rose wrote:
like Blossom's bossiness

If she was a rowdyruff boy you would be saying she is a natural leader, as a feminist I am highly offended by this comment.

Blossom is the best. She is the Beyonce of the Powerpuff Girls. Without Blossom, there is no Powerpuff Girls, the whole group would fall apart.

First, lets look at her aesthetic. She has the longest hair of the sisters and it is secured neatly with a heart clip and a big cute bow.
As we all know, a woman's hair is her crown and it is obvious that Blossom has this on lock.

Next, Blossom is highly intelligent, the most mature, and the foundation of the entire squad. Blossom contains the perfect traits for leadership. She is highly intelligent (even her sisters admit that she is much smarter than them), excellent at making quick decisions under pressure, and is able to unite the two extremes of her sisters' personalities.

A perfect episode that demonstrates of all the qualities that make Blossom the best Powerpuff Girl is Season 4 Episode 12, "Power-Noia". In the episode, the girls fall asleep all snug in their bed, and the evil "HIM" traps them in their dreams surrounded by the things they are most afraid of.

While Blossom's sisters are afraid of more superficial fears like sleeping Bubbles' fear of sleeping without a nightlight and Buttercup's fear of insects, Blossom's fear is much more adult. Blossom's biggest fear is failure. Her biggest fear is that if she is not perfect, she may let down the people who depend on her in their time of need. She strives to be the best because she knows her sisters and the City of Townsville need her to be the best. She rises to the challenge, not because it is asked of her, but simply because she knows its what needs to be done.

In the episode, Blossom out-smarts HIM in her bad dream by perfectly answering all the math questions that would be impossible for any other Kindergartner to answer. She then breaks through into Buttercup's dream to save her.She quickly saves Buttercup from immediate danger and then has the leadership skills to tell Buttercup exactly what she needs to get her shit together and and inspires her fight off her fears. Then, after hearing Bubbles frantic yells for help Blossom rushes into Bubbles dream and gives her and inspires courage in her to face her fears as well. The girls then go on to unite and through following Blossoms orders, are able to defeat HIM, the most sinister of all Powerpuff Girl Villains.

Blossom might not be as cute and funny as Bubbles or as cool and tough as Buttercup, but shes that's because she doesn't have the leisure to form those kind of traits. She is best, she is the smartest, she is decisive, she is a leader, not because its what she wants, but because she knows people depend on her, and she wants to take care of them. This is what makes Blossom the best Powerpuff girl and a true Hero.

When Professor Utoniom tried to create the perfect little girl, he succeeded with Blossom.


Rodgers wrote:

Bubbles is mai waifu.