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What should we do?

I miss when war clan was active, i think were in one of our ruts again, i mean activity always goes up and down as the year passes, but generally i see a downward trend kinda like the stock markets.

[projected war clan growth]

im thinking about what we can do to keep this place alive and exciting, so give me some feed back.

i know for a fact im going to expand and fix up our forum, once i do that it will be able to facilitate growth.

but what else.

Should i jsut get a life? and subsequently let war die?

Should i loosen the war clan from a 'gaming clan' which we really arnt much anymore and turn it more into a society (still with a close clan group) that celebrates our gaming/loling/random culture and brotherhood(including the girls)

(but with less killing ourselves and jerking off in coffins to join)

Should we advertise all over to gain more forum members who want to post random stuff but sitll make them feel like one of us and not like a random noob trying to join us?

Should we recruit more younger members in games to help us grow so us old bros can just chill?

Should we make a complex ranking system that makes no sense and actually doesnt mean anything at all?

Should we make zany war clan meme teeshirts and sell them?

Should we hold contests (for real shit) to make people want to post and do stuff?

Should we create a hilarious meme to make war clan famous???

Should we start listening only to rag time music[via Scott Joplin 1899] so we can be more authentic people?

this is a constructive post brought to you by Manacrombie & Fitsh:

(its that store that smells strongly of seaweed cologne)

Are yall all just busy 'atm'?


I know i filled this post with some lols but its meant to be sorta serious

I finally show up, and you get all gloomy on me.  Fucker.

Anyway.  First, watch this:

Dunno, but the beginning lyrics are this thread.  And it has vagina flowers.

And secondly, turn WaR into a lesbian porn site.  We'll be sure to get traffic.

yeah war has been sorta quiet the last week or so

wtf @ vagflowers

hmmm good suggestion, we need to think about a good name for a lesbian pron site now


well i like the thing about expanding the empire by ads
heres my add i made

and we should make some T's
to help out with our rise to POWER!!!
HAIL!!!  :D

hows this look?

yeah if the girl din't look like he had a sex-change-

Hm Well, we could MAKE A GAME just for the lulz and advertise it on 50 billion other sites, which would bring traffic to the forums, even though most of them would be like.

"Hi can i join pl0x0rz, i not a nub at all"

But sat, no getting a life, no matter what, that's strictly forbidden..

We could bribe all the old war members into coming back? I've still got a stash of scooby snacks

wtf youve been holding out on us with scooby snacks this whole time!?

I think we should turn WAR in to a trolling clan. We should do moar raids.

Jedi wrote:
I think we should turn WAR in to a trolling clan. We should do moar raids.

that would actually be a pretty good idea would get some hype with that and whatnot im down for it

what pillage outher forums?

I think it's kinda obvious. We need more members. New members. We always used to play games, get new members doing so, and that is when we thrived.

yeah basically, we dont play any mroe games there fore > no new members

WE COULD PLAY RUNESCAPE!! >.> And yes, I have snooby snacks

i think we should
1. make a list of what im about to say
2. not play runescape
3. give me your scooby snacks

Jedi wrote:
I think we should turn WAR in to a trolling clan. We should do moar raids.

we should raid carlos mencia's forum

[via posting videos of joeks he stole]

I think we should
1. Not give Satros scooby snacks
2. Play Gaia Online since sat said no to runescape
3. Take a nap
4. Then Fire Ze Missiles

i concur.

mabby we should make a team on brut

we need muyo women.