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What now Sat...what now?


Damn I wish I wasn't so rich. Oh wait no I don't. Ho ho ho ho ho.


Thats right.

Stfu and gtmfo

LOL zod. I'm sorry.

LOL zod. I'm sorry.

Staticgirl wrote:

i win so every1 stfu

Stat, I'm trying to figure out if that's a complement or an insult, and I'm drawing a blank.

fat in the pants!


stfu osi

murd lul:

Satros wrote:

MurD wrote:
no its murd, i mean honestly who calls me murderer any more


no jake Ted calls me murder but hes a dumbass

Your sig calls you Murderer

Thats teh shit

ahh fuck nvm
\o/ bitches

i spelled how it sounds