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What is this?

i dont even dont even know how i found this

LOLOLOLOL OMG I REMEMBER THISSS. I USED TO WATCH THESE!! back in junior high! XD oh yeah i used to sit around and eat my bubblegum+cotton candy flavoured pudding cups and spend hours on homestar runner. gross pudding cups are very much associated with this website.

too random

The fuck.

Some guy at work showed me this a while back was weird.

I used to love homestarrunner, the StrongBad emails were the best.  :datass:

lmao the intro always made me laugh.

WHY ERRTHANG DEAD!?!?!?!  :knight:

SADOSI! how you been?


Yahveh 20Cents Off any DoSi!

do you stay with thuggs sister now or something?

FYALZodiacWAR wrote:
do you stay with thuggs sister now or something?
lol wtf zod, yea i stay wit alicia in norcross until the spring semester

Don't be a stranger now ya hear?

well lookie here its the welcome commite

yo nigga waz happinin is my psp card stll holdin up or you front dat shit for dosh yo