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What is the shape of Italy?

Satros wrote:

Squid wrote:

TheFinisher wrote:

Okay, nigger. Listen.

You are getting booted because you are annoying. People get BOOTED from TS for being annoying. When asking what the shape of Italy is, it is solely for rhetorical effect as you get BOOTED.

Make sense now, dumbass?

No, Sat said that I was banned for being wrong. So, what was I wrong about? I guess no-one knows!

Everyone knows but you bro

Was it when I said that Rapto called you a "NetherBoob"? Because when I said that, I was just fucking around.

We don't fuck around in War Clan. Enjoy your banishment.

why isnt he banned from the forums too ?? he should just be banned from ALL of WaR.