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Werewolves or vampires?

  • Werewolves (53.85%, 7 Votes)
  • Vampires (46.15%, 6 Votes)
Number of votes: 13


Werewolves for sure!


i say werewolves cuz vampires are usually queer or look super queer draculas the only non queer 1

werewolves. yamean?

werewolfs ftw!!!!!! but i liek vampires to just not as much and if u think vampires look queer ur dumb ok, play Darkwatch for xbox or The Lehacy of Kain for xbox and ull like vampires look awesome

oh ja i played both of those. yamean?

fucking werewolves man?! i meanyea underworld was cool as shitbut in all actuality werewolves would tear those shits asunder!

vampires they have more style

think again feel it


vampire: (RUA!)

Now now guys, you wouldn't ALL be basing this on movies would you? (Knowing the lot of you, I am almost positive you are.)
Both are undeniably powerful and both can be truly frightening. I can't decide which I prefer because their nature is so very different, yet so very the same. Vampires are more subtle, conniving and manipulative where as werewolves are more in your face scary and ferocious.
Both of them have to be very good at keeping a low profile in taking down their prey.
So like in Van Hellsing and some other select movies, a werewolf would not be as savage and stupid as they made it out to be. And there would not only be one werewolf. Like a wolf, werewolves hunt in packs I can see why a lot of you choose the werewolf for their strength, barbaric behavior (Though they are not as barbaric as you'd think)
But, on the other hand, we have the vampires Much more human in appearance than a werewolf making it easier to blend in with their prey, kind of like the spiders that mimic the appearance of the ant's that they feed on. Vampires use persuasion and charm to lure their victims (as seen in movies they also stalk their prey until it has went off on its own away from others.) But not all vampires hunt alone. Some travel in groups, much like werewolves. (Though they more than likely don't work together as close as wolves do.)
Both these creatures are virtually immortal. Making their lifespan or age hard to determine.
I find it hard to choose between the two. I don't know about you all. (Most of you seem pretty set on werewolves.)
For every good thing that comes to mind about a vampire, there is a disadvantage too.
And when I think of werewolves, there are disadvantages to that too.
One main thing I have been pushing around in my head is, would it be better to give up your nightlife, or your day life? As a vampire, you can't walk in the sunlight because it is fatal As a werewolf, you remember nothing of the night because once a werewolf you fall back on primal rage and think more like a predatory animal. Anyways, just sharing my opinion on the matter.
Both are (IMO) equals, yet very different.


well its kinda hard to base it off anything but movies/books/videogames cus THERE NOT REAL

so yeah anyways, watch this clip of canadian women biting asians and becomming cheesy polar bear werewolves
(i saw them in concert! lol)

I didn't mean they were real I mean books are different from the movies. >.>
And videogames pretty much follow movies

better than that vid of the asian guy raping girls in the ass till they bleed an an asian woman eatign a baby head and other stuff of that nature >.> that was scarey

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vampires! they live forever, and they have awesome fangs. =P

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kar werewolves also live forever and have fangs

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