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Welcome Triclone to WaR!!

hey man glad you stayed patient the whole way ^^
Congratz on joining WaR. You may put tags on and smack someone if you must. but if you do, do it 2 TIME.

welcome to the war family triclone!

Awesome lol,this is great,now i need a fighting clan.

w00000000t!!! welcome to the clan

welcome to war triclone, now just deal with venom being a dumbass and ull win at life

lmfao murd
stop smoking.

congrats triclone welcome to the war clan.

welcome ^^

i now how u feel


HEY MAN, welcome ;D

don't get to worried about the goo on the counter..

hey triclone youve got msn?

but he has mad spamming h4x like me