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Welcome home!

IF i'm not wrong.. Sat comes home today.. (or tomm.. whatev)

Anyways, Welcome home ya nut.

ya welcome back!

( i took a good care of stat as u asked;) )

I can't wait to see Sat's reaction

his name is STEVE.. god.

Ven is gunna die for that.. >.>

make sure im there to sea his death okay static-chan?

wb,it has been eerily odd without sat on ts.

Hey Sat welcome back!! haha have fun?

Ok fuck is sat like the Michael Jackson of the forum shit we act like we waiting for him at his netherland ranch

Hi sat

thx every1 ..good to be back..well kinda lol, cept this whole getting caught up and fixing shit business lol

I blame ven.. he fucked it up