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WaRServer- GrandOpening

hmm i was thinking of a grand opening event, one of the wekends were most of us has off in november

we could try to get as many war members on as possible ( i mean our sevrer does hold 20 ppl ) aswell as many others,

this event would mark the start of the random gametype server

we would play most of the maps and in the middle of the event we would test a 90% done war castle

it would be awsome

10-15 (maybe even more ) war members all playing the castle AT THE SAME TIME

tell me wut u think guys and if ud come or not(if u happen to be aviliable on the day we have it)


yea i would like that

that would sound cool even tho it was all my idea

sounds sweet.. well let u know when were free

lmao. Sat, if I get Rune for that one day and play it with you all and provide fun n00biness and what amounts to free kills for everyone, will you stop bothering me to play the game?

sure lol

thatd be fun..owning u lol..although u will prolyl get mad at downloading and ragequit life.. so yeah..

Satros wrote:
quit life..