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War's Rune Files website

im going to make a website for rune's files, it will be hosted and run by us (WaR) and i will select a few admins to help

i will need some help with this project so if you can help out post, ill need help with:

uploading files
testing the website
admining the website

also i need a name

RuneFiles and Rune-Resource are taken

i was thinking would be best but some other options are RuneMODs or something else, tell me what you think.

i like
its short sweet and to the point

i wouldn't forget that :]

I agree with stat

ok, expect this website to begin development once winter break starts (after december 17th for me)


will need volunteers eventually.

i like or .info
but i guess or will work

Did this project go on? ^^ Or is it lost in space

o.O who are you?

Firbel? ^^ Did a failure with Login Name and Username x)

Now it should be ok.

Nah I never finished it, only like 16 people are on rune at a time nowadays