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Would you go to WarCon

  • Yes (88.89%, 8 Votes)
  • Yes (11.11%, 1 Votes)
Number of votes: 9

We should all meet up and have a big party or something. Like I think it would be best if it was in Lithuania cuz they have castles and shit. Round trip to Lithuania from Rochester were like 1k.

yeah bro deffinatly, if not in lithuania than somewhere else atleast :P

manatee island maybe?

Only if i get a T-Shirt

lol sure, we will make an official teeshirt that says


Amsterdam, We can make some extra cash just put kar and stat behind the visual window so men can choose :mellow:

ehyyy o.O I SUGGESTED THIS MONTHS AGO >_, AND EVERYONE WA SLIKE 'OOKKIIEEE KARR MAYBEE' garr. BUT YESSS. =D maybe america cause m ost of us are close to there/in there so it'll be cheaperr?