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WaR Summer Event 2010 [date vote]

When should we hold this years event? (check any that are good for you)

  • Friday July 16th - Sun July 18th (41.67%, 5 Votes)
  • Friday July 23rd - Sun July 25th (25%, 3 Votes)
  • Friday July 30th - Sun Aug 1st (16.67%, 2 Votes)
  • Friday Aug 6th - Sun Aug 8th (16.67%, 2 Votes)
Number of votes: 12

Im thinking we will do a mega war event, spanning multiple days and multiple games, tournaments, trollings, and even prizes. How does that sound?

Possible MiniEvents:
Rune - TR Racing Gameplay
Rune - Arena Tournament
Rune - Trolling (Possibily)
Killing Floor - Gameplay (Hard Mode)
Killing Floor - Pandemonium
Counter-Strike: Source - Gameplay
Counter-Strike: Source - Trollling
Team Fortress 2 - Gameplay
Team Fortress 2 - Class Trolling
Unreal Tournament 2004 - Gameplay
Halo 3 [XBOX 360] - Custom Games

Gameplay = We play a few normal rounds, war style that is, we might do teams or just overwhelm a random server and be annoying lol.

Also if you have suggestions for other things we can do post them here, they dont have to be a game necessarily even, we can do prank calls or something for all I care.  :troll:

Also if you don't own theres games (besides rune which I will provide a d/l link for [its only 600mb]), now till july 4th is the best time to get them.
Steam sale info:

Killing Floor = $10
Counter-Strike: Source = $13
Team Fortress 2 = $13
Unreal Tournament 2004 = $7

Personally I would wait for july 4th to come around before buying them (unless you feel you will forget), because sometimes on the last day of the sale the games that sold the most are sometimes even cheaper for 1 day. (I heard someone saying they got TF2 for $2 earlier this year on the last day of a sale)

Also if you are 12 and what is this and has no creditcard I will be purchasing an extra copy or two (depending on the prices) of some games to gift to active members who are in this position.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF Steam only has the Windows version of UT2004! I'm gonna have to troll around for an OS X copy. Oh and find an armalite copy of Rune for Mac OS.

Otherwise all those games are covered on fag Mac now

You got rid of windows 7?

Satros wrote:
You got rid of windows 7?

TwoSlot wrote:

Satros wrote:
You got rid of windows 7?

do i have any say in dis here vote thats taking place?


Yes sadosi, you knight and ambertdalamapadamps are all welcomed to come, the more the better.