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ok so i ordered us a nice 10 slot server today for 1 mounth .. will be up in a day or so putting roon on a disk and giving u it bhaal. jsut gotta find a disk lol



GG indeed BROTHA! !
Thx! Now we will have a place to play and grow once again!

nice sat
so ill b able to go on about like 9 out of those 30 days WOOT WOOT ^^

Woooo! I'll have too much free time during vacation, so I'll probably hop on Rune. And we need another GoW night.

yesh we do
oooo yee i forgot the holiday break then ill b on 24/7 for that matter!
and prob a lot of GOW too
Sat, Muyo, Bhaal lets do wut we do best.

ok i got things sorted out, sorry for the delay, hope fully it will be up by tommarow assuming my parents dont pick up the phone and go..WTFI DIDNT BUY THIS! when they send me the call..i mean my mom helped me order but she doesnt know wtf a sevrer is lol >.<

Hope its worth the money bro cause i know runes not as active as this summer was.. goo00od times at TR server I played today thanks that i live near sat my connections a sexy beast liek the sat himself.

its now up but nothing is configured as of yet

k so is the name the same as the other war server?
and we gonna b using that server during the xmas mod friday?

yes soon, and yes

setting it up now

ugh >.> its being retarded.. i hope i havt it all fixed up n shit by friday

you best get it to working boy. or i'll have to cap your ass with my prehistoric winchester.

ok its all set now


nice see u all friday!!