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WaR Contacts

Satros - satros14
Wicked - Darkspartan696
JediKiller1 - darthsithis
Kittie - kittie01
Loki - omgitsmanbearpig
Murderer - murdofwar
Staticgirl - staticgirl
Cecil - cecil667
Darth Nodoka - hiroshima555
MuyoMan - muyoman

Satros -  satroswar[AT]
ThuGG -  thugg54321[AT]
WickeD -  wickedvamp696[AT]
Zaifos -  Zai_foS[AT]
Zodiac -  zodiac198515[AT]
JediKiller1 - jake7425[AT]
Kittara -  kittara_mirrou[AT]
Kittie -  kittycat_95[AT]
Loki -  Taylor_008[AT]
Lucian -  invisible_killer666[AT]
Minimoose -  minimoose009[AT]
Murderer - murdwar99[AT]
Osidius~Emphatic - osidius420[AT]
Staticgirl -  staticgirl[AT]
bPORR - soccermagic27[AT]
Darth Nodoka -  Panda-ghost-face[AT]
Chronic - - chronic_junn[AT]
GodBelow Jr. - godbelow.jr11[AT]
Cecil - Cecil-bloodaxe [AT]
Mattman - mattmatt877[AT]
Swarainiz -swarainiz[AT]
Bhaal - bal_ur[AT]
Carbas - carbas[AT]


If your information is wrong or know a war members info for one of these catagories post it, and it will be changed/added, thank you.

lol me: rainbow_swirlz456[AT]

had to make a new cuz of spams etc add it fucks

no need to make a new thread nodoka, just post it here next time

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btw i got a new xfire
and msn
and xfire: darthnodoka

Facebook = Alex Cee ( Brooklyn NY )
myspace = Alexprofile7

-for facebook / myspace write in friend request who you are cause i dont accept people i dont know or ugly girls

Master_Sos{{WAR}} wrote:
i dont accept people i dont know or ugly girls

so truth

you dont accept ugly girls to be your FRIENDS? thatsss really shallow and mean. >_< why does it matter if your FRIENDS are ugly or not? you dont have to kiss them o_O gahh you are a dick.

I agree with Kar! >=(
Why the fuck would you care about how your friends look? And if they're ugly or not.

Its called being a tool. GOD

i dont associate with ugly ass niggas or bitches thats all.

____< yeah you are a tool.

Helljumper034 is no longer in use.
Darkspartan696 now.

is that msn? O.o

you look like you got hit by a tool lol :wacko:

they deleted my yahoo so wtf.

my new one


XFire: rosjaa