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War Clan's Minicity (increases population) (increases industry so our population doesnt leave) (increases transportation so our factories/population doesnt leave) (increases security so people arnt criminals and cause ppl to leave)

this is our minicity, the more you go there the more it will grow so click on it lots

if it says you need flashplayer try openign it in firefox

NICE whats its name?
i wanna build on it
maybe we can use the name of that and put it as the name of our city in the game

i just named it War Clan

Warria is a good name for our land though

nice we already got 3 inhabitants! keep it up

Satros wrote:
nice we already got 3 inhabitants! keep it up

lol wow!

will it work if we keep refreshing it lol

No it work. MOAR PPL. I got some more peeps to go to our city.

ahmg we got like massive amounts of wheat fields nice job loki


Thats a my house :3

All you bitches stay away!

The shits a rip off the old Sim City

sweet we got like a big corporate war clan headquarters on their nowneed moar ppls! we gotta have like mad roads yokeep it up getting people

Sticky this!


The school computers block that site >_>

Thankfully they don't know about here yet.

i supposes i'll have to join for 20 minutes then get bored ( i have no idea what this is )

what do you mean join or get bored? all you do is click on the link and it grows, thats it

well thats boring and sat i love the way u just left me alone in the convo

There is a huge snorlax blocking the path!

aint that about a b*tch!
i was blocked aint that so sad? not! kbye