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{{WaR}} - (1)

Inactives = People we have not heard from in over a year.

my xfire is triclone lol

26 MEMBERS!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! we're gonna need a big castle for that amount plusss more people trying to get in man 26 i cant even count that with all my claws and my tail!!!!!!

Um I downloaded Vent and made a server if anyone is interested so I'll keep it up if you guys want to stop using ts. I miss our server. :'(. Anyway message me for admin pass.

why did some1 close this thread??

due to lengthy inactivty Havik and Imortal K have been removed from the member list, if they decide to come back they may re-apply, also ive added iOn and JediKiller1 to the member list


aim- Slipintodusk

i been in war for a really long time now and my name isnt mentioned no where -.-

yeah but you only show up once every 3 yrs lol
pics are really old, but i'm trying to get new ones


Myspace =
Aim = xxxalexxsosxxx

uhwhos ion?

hes a old war, from back in 2003-2004, he recently came back this yr, he psoted once but hes been on rune now n then

everyone is all late on teh posting

i have new XBL name.change mine to Dayragh plz thanksyoull see me on alot more if you add that one

hey zai

i will, btw check out ur bday thread sometime

thread updated for maximum pimpness