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were getting old, zod even has a child now, also the girls of war have boobs now, so somethings we lose but somethings we gain, btw zod you better raise her(?) in the ways of wardom

also i think we should have a 2 week period where no one shaves and then we post our beards, even if nothing grew for you (BPORR)

True, WaR grows old, activity decreases I believe we need to have a chain of events on a weekend (please not this weekend) which will hopefully bring noobs who wish to join, and bring back some of WaR's formor activity

Beards lol, random.

its true look at lil thuggie with his beard now lol

but yeah we are less active, but were all still around and online everyday lol, i think we just need some new younger members that will be more active, that way them youngins can go be all active like and use oldies can but our heads in and play now and then, but good idea kittie

Kitellia wrote:
True, WaR grows old, activity decreases

Thats what viagra is for! :D

and kinky sex games!

i guess we just need young members, viagra, and kinky sex games, right??

I got twister!


ive had boobs for ages >_<

and we're hardly 'old'

and zod: nowai o.O since when?! BABY PICS

<333 kinky sex games.

strip poker anyone? FORUMS SHOULD HAVE WEBCAMS =o


Fuck nooooooo

I'd like to keep my eyes

im pretty sure half of war sits like naked infront of the computer anyways

and thats hot =P they should prove it XD

my webcam is on at all times you can watch me here

lmaoo. is NOT falling for that >_<

Karr don't worry, the internet police totally deleted that site, Sat just bought the domain name :)

yeah its gay that was my fav site to prank people with

STILL not falling for that >_<




dont you mean roffles?

<.< thats what i said, look

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