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well i'll start, basically what we do here is autobiography ourselves, if you dont feel comfy telling things like relgion or age, you dont have to.

<pre> Name: Cecil Tillman the II (1992- ) ( successor to Cecil Tillman, 1586-1602, died at age 16 ) </pre>

Part of a long ancient clan line whos nativity is in the old lands of Austria, a country south of Germany.
During the age of exploration, the Tillmans were still clinging on to the 'dark magic' beliefs of the dark age,
although they were worshippers of Odin, a god that had been long forgotten in those days of ignorance.
the Tillmans were found out, then they were burned out of their homes. This is where old legend comes in,
since the events were different varying from which scattered family member.
Cecil Tillman Sr., survived from the attack on the manor and made it to the woods with his brother William.
the rest of the 4 children were either burned alive, or set to be burned at the stake if they were caught.
Cecil and William were fast enough to gather their beloved weapons, Cecil reportedly used a Zweihander,
William was said to use an olden day rifle and a Katzbalger as backup.
the two camped out in the forest, but were awakened by screaming at dawn, they looked up to the sky and saw smoke flowing up the air. They knew what was happening, but they could do nothing. later in the dawn they began to hear gospel music and cheers for the have 'won' against an 'evil' menace to the lands. William then brought out torches that they had made, and while everyone was inside the church, he through the torches through the window, burning all the regal rugs
and setting the people ablaze in an act of vengeance. few had survived, and those few took up arms but they werent as
skilled as Cecil or William, both seasoned Landesknechts. they had manged the group the rest up and one by one they were executed. Cecil checked and counted his slain kin, he did not find his wife amongst them, so he thought she was alive.
which was verily true, if she died i wouldnt be here typing down this piece 'o history.
She was already carrying one of Cecil's children, which was what made Cecil die satisfyingly, hoping that his rage would live on through his bloodline and his blade. Cecil's wife fled to a ship, to the new land ( America ).

390 years later, another child is born to the Tillman family, a child with bronze hair and hazel eyes, named Cecil, for he bore his likeness. the patriarch of the family thought it was him reborn, just as the same as Michael ( my brother, blonde hair and blue eyed) who bore a resemblance to William. The practices of worshipping the all-father are nearly forgotten.
the only family members that do so still live in Austria, in a rebuilt manor, but the practice of warfare are still not forgotten.
by the time i was 5 i could read and write, and most of all, use firearms. when i was 8 years of age, i was in Austria, visiting family there, all i could see in living room were scarred war veterans, Uncle Charles, a Vietnam Vet, Grandfather Hallis, he fought in the Cold War, GreatGrandfather Fritz, he was in the Hitler youth, his golden day being a combatant in the Battle of Bocage ( somewhere in Holland i guess? )
i sat there and listened to them speak of the tour of duties and the many stories they told. i sat there..watching the flames flicker in the fireplace.
Uncle Charles: being a soldier is one of the best jobs ever. get to new countries, meet fascinating people, and kill them! ( laughs ) Fritz then proceeded to take out a viking styled sword, a new piece to add to his armoury, all of them agreed that it was a fine blade, Fritz then left it leaning against the chair he was sitting in. I watched the blade relect the flames, and you guy just know how when you see something and it seems to call your name? i was just drawn to it, i began to walk toward it, i grasped the blade's hilt and i felt soem sort of buzz in the backside of the right of my brain. you know its like you've never done something before, but then you all of a sudden know? thats what happened to me.
Charles: huh, he seems pretty focused on that blade of yours, Fritz.
Fritz: haha, where have you been getting swording lessons Lad?
Hallis II ( my father) : what? i never taught him swordsmanship because you never taught me, Fritz.
Fritz: oh thats right, i only taught Charles because he cared ( laughs ), well Cecil, why dont you show me what you can do?
well, that was the moment of truth. i swung the blade full force with both edges, making a figure eight.
Fritz: those were perfectly angled cuts. the fullers on the blade hissed just right. i know what the kid needs ( heads to his armoury and comes back with a trunk ) in this trunk is a set of wooden training swords. theres a twohanded sword, a longsword, and a shortsword in here. By the time he is 13, i may not be alive, so i entrust Charles will do it.
Thats how i got started in swordsmanship. almost every day i would hone my skill for then on, getting faster and stronger, then the day came, and at the right time. school was out for 2 weeks, i had just turned 13 three days earlier.
Fritz had already died of natural causes 3 years ago. my family had recieved a letter from Charles, asking us to come fly over to Austria and vacation over there, enclosed was a check with plenty of money for preparations.
we were greeted instantly as we arrived. Charles ushered for me to follow him to Fritz's old armoury which Charles inherited. the walls were lined with axes, armour, medievil swords and exotic blades.
we went to a small bookshelf, he pulled out a book, it was a european fencing manual that was translated from old german by Fritz. Charles then pulled out a huge sword with its blade rapped in damp linen that reeked of some sort of rust inhibitor.
Charles: Fritz wanted you to have these, he wanted you to use them and apply them. This sword is an antique, believed to belong to some ancestor of ours, its large, heavy and razor sharp, so dont clutz out on me, alright, well basically by this time Fritz wanted you to practice with live steel, to get a feel how a true sword operates. use the manual, it'll teach you some neat shit i believe. Fritz also wanted you to teach these things to your son, in hopes that your son too, will teach these things to his children. Also soemthing about restoring lost family honour..but i dont know how your gonna do that
in this age, with high tech guns and stuff. You and your brother will inherit this stuff when i die, infact the entire manor.
Now im 16, getting closer to the age where i can join the military, so i too, can go to new places and meet fascinating peopleand kill them. my brother..hes already there, for he is 18, the legal age of being a soldier. i too hope to join him on the field one day.
If im not out swording or blowing shit up, im probably playing a video game or watching the Telly.
the latest video game that is the shit for me is Postal 2. its a kick ass game and you guys should get it too, for it is multiplayer.
well, i'll end this with basic info things.

Age: 16
Height: 5'10
Body Build: Average
Ethnicity: Aryan/Viking People
Fav soda: Root Beer
Fav beer: Goldschalger
Fav food: i like spicy stuff. tacos and burritos. if those arent available steak, taters and peas will do.
Born in: Houston,Texas.
Fav sword type: Great Sword
Fav Pistol: Colt Single Action Army .45 caliber
Fav Rifle: Type 56 SKS Assault Rifle, shoots 7.62x39 caliber
Hair: Bronze
Eyes: Hazel
Gender: Male
Religion: This shit divides people, but im a 'dirty' pagan.

Name: Jamie (1991-2008) Im dead and can't write the rest

so does that make a you undead since you typed here?
please explain.

Cecil wrote:
so does that make a you undead since you typed here?
please explain.

It's cuz he's a ghost duh!

yup and i am currently sleeping in this grave

Lulzy indeed!
i could imagine a zombie inside a coffin watchin pr0ns on his laptop!
lol that inspires me to make soemthing for my map!
im gonna make another eternal night forest area, but this time it will have a spooky haunted plantation.
Sadosi, if ya play rune, what model do you play as ( you know, LeatherRagnar,Sigurd,Etc.)
im gonna make a make a Lord Sadosi ghost that lurks about the plantation.

Hahahah Boosh cakes

cecil i play as elder shawty!
thanks! u iz awsomez!