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War and Cov

have u noticed that a lot of ppl from cov is joining war and wars members joins cov?
WTF is nice anyways
war family is getting bigger everyday


hahahaha we can leave thugg out because 1.hes black and 2.hes like not gonna join cov! bwahahahahaha i love it!

  1. say it loud IM BLACK AND IM PROUD 2. ive been in cov 3. covs gay now anyway 3.kthxbye

nah man just some people in cov are gay. but the wars in cov balance it out. k so it was sat was the 1st war cov then me then feel-it? ya then kg when he gets in war IF HE DOES!! then tric? if he doens't suck cok in tryout g/l

no thugg was the second war-cov

i have notice a big increase in war and cov ,sighs> just wish i could be war lol

triclone.. triclone..
u cant talk yet baby

well until i get a tryout.