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Wake the fuck up

Wake uppppppppp, everyone in WaR cant be on vacation.. the fourms are dead.. D: wat happened.

Looks like we've got a bunch of Satros fan boys. He leaves on vacation and everyone else feels devoid of a reason to live.

HAHAHA, god.. what a sad way to live =/

hey FU sat is my hero

When Sat left it made me want to cry. But then I did some heroin and I was fine.

When sat left I cried for 3 weeks. I'm only on day 4 week 1. Anyone got a spare razor blade and a My chemical romance CD i can borrow?

hey frozn your siggy is sexy id make love to that pirate on a one man lifesaver in the middle of the bermuda triangle


MCR is kewl. Sat is fat

Frozn wrote:
When sat left I cried for 3 weeks. I'm only on day 4 week 1. Anyone got a spare razor blade and a My chemical romance CD i can borrow?

Hey man I got everything you need. Razor blades, eye liner, tight jeans, tight shirts, music by AFI, MCR, FOB, Hawthorne Heights, Simple Plan and a shit load more.

frozns a jew.

Jedi, supreme emo fag! ALRIGHT!!!

I know ive run this into the ground over at cov forums, but I fucking hate emos. They're what you get when goths go pop. Goths themselves were a sad lousy group of fuckers. Moping around in all black trying to look like or become death/vampyric/insert dark stereoype. When you shine some sunlight, pop culture and homosexual undertones onto this crapfest of a lifestyle, you get 2 things. Emo(tional) "rock" music, which people play guitar and sing badly, often about nothing other than an ex girlfriend or how weak or how much they hate themselves. Would you like some cheese with that Whine? Wake up. You're not listening to rock music, youre listening to grown men sing like britney.

Anyways at least goths, as lame as they are.. tend to listen to music with some anger, not despair. MCR isnt music, and any who respect their artistic worth, I recommend that you take a drink of this..

Pro-tip: I'm not really emo.

Q-Tip. I wasn't directing that at you.

Frozn wrote:
Q-Tip. I wasn't directing that at you.

Neither was my post

Anyway I don't hate emo music. It's ok. But it's the extremely crappy I mean EXTREMELY SHITTY shit that I wont listen to. And 9mm asprin is more effective.

Don't put a bullet in your brain to bounce around and possibly leave you a living vegetable. That's for emo pussies. Instead blow your brains out the back of your head, or your entire head off your shoulders desert eagle style.

If 9mm is aspirin, this is vicodin!

desert FTW , fuck pop idiots. like green day or my chemical romance that sucks, stupid suicide hippies

Just becasue of Frozns post im gunna go emo now! =D LAWL

and who cares.. Your usin the small gay guns, get a fuckin shot gun and pull a kurt kobain. (r.i.p)


What about total destruction?