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Ventrillo Or Teamspeak?

TS or Vent?

  • Teamspeak (45.45%, 5 Votes)
  • Ventrillo (54.55%, 6 Votes)
Number of votes: 11

im buying a server, should it be vent or ts?

idk vents been more common but teamspeak has been in teh WaR tradition!
im flippin a coin. Its Heads.


i vote teamspeak im more used to it

TS = lulzier.

Ventrillo sounds like Pinocchio's evil brother

Teamspeak is for the lesser clans.
Vent has better quality and its fuckin' awesome.
Plus its TTS capabilities make it so people can talk without a mic, though it gets annoying.

Not only that but I can get us some support for it with [-=WC=-] they are pretty good with it.

[20:34] [-=WC=-]Cpt.»WickeЫ[WaR]: Teamspeak
[20:34] [-=WC=-]Cpt.»WickeЫ[WaR]: more like beespeak
[20:34] [-=WC=-]Cpt.»WickeЫ[WaR]: -.-
[20:35] §atros{{WaR}}: NOOOOOO

ventillo is "better", i voted for it
but war is more used to teamspeak
which is easy to hack
which is why i chose vent in the end


i have spoken

See all the people with rights to the official {{WaR}} sunglasses have said VENT. Those who are wearing BEEgoggles voted for beespeak.

Which raises the question, why is the forum background HONEYCOMBS?

LOL, its too lure the bees in, THEN WE KILL THEM, plus it looks badass


For it's the only one I have srsly.

wait wtf hax kittara = on war + posting?

bPORR wrote:
wait wtf hax kittara = on war + posting?

Kittie did it!!

No wait

Satros did it!!

No wait

HE DID IT! points at a bunch of bees OSHI- runs


lol i give kittara +1 for posting

Satros wrote:

lol i give kittara +1 for posting

Fuck yay!

(Note; Fuck yes + Yay = Fuck yay)

me too hahaha

i chose Vent cous i well B-cous