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wow, wtf!? we aint dieing.. yes we are.. lets not kid ourselves, but seriously WTF GUYS. WE CAN'T LET WAR DIE A SECOND TIME!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP.. DO SOME SHIT FOR THE CLAN, STOP RAPING GOATS

-fo shizzy.

ya thugg!

p.s kittie h4x ^^

wtf u talkinmg about were at a peak

  • kills you all.* nope we are all dead now.

yes WaRis becoming more active then ever. we aint gon die. cept when syth pulls out his gat and guns us all down. but maybe some of us will make it
uses murd as a shield ^^

  • throws adom bomb * nope, now we are all dead no matter what.

u won this round syth!

Satros wrote:
wtf u talkinmg about were at a peak

pfft, we aint at a peek. Shallow end sat.. shallow end.

btw, KWANZAA started today.. idiots 7 days left.. i take that back.. 6 days left.




FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!



OMG Loki. Stop bumping old topics!!!