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Use your brain as a controller!
pretty crazy, its a headset that will allow you to control what you do in a game with your brainwaves alone


what if your thinking about popcorn and epic battles though?

yeah id have to see the game play with that !!!!

Gyroscope enables a cursor or camera to be controlled by head movements

but you still have to move your mouse or curser with your eye brows or somthing !!!

i couldnt sit there and stare at the screen without moving something, so i couldn't use that them there device

Man ill get so much coochie with that shit

looks like the headset that those captains wear when they fly helicopters.
its prablably a fucking ripoff of it, using the motion sensor thingy to turn around as you turn your head or soemthing.

well, says it measures brainwaves, if u read the thing