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Underwater car!
pretty cool, this one is kinda lame but thing of what we could do years from now if theres got wide spread lolol

id be cool to jsut drive ur car into the ocean n go for an underwater stroll

Anyone else think the whole not sealed thing is kinda stupid? Unless you were in a full wet suit you'd never want to drive it anytime but the middle of July.


i think they will make a chamber tho lol


idk its very gay still even if u seal the cockpit cuase the shitsgonna still be half a billion bucks

banditracing (4 hours ago) on youtube
I'm pretty sure if it had a roof, and a closed cockpit it wouldn't be able to submerge .

yeah it would be like pushing a beach ball under water lol

not true a car weighs about a ton

when i scuba dive, i can sink to the bottom of the ocean with 10 lbs (with air inside my tank,goggles, and lungs)

like we said sat Gayed

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