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Uh oh...

well, i wasnt having this problem before, but when i load up my map, rp-townsv4,
and i move round a bit on the 3d view, it just all blackens out..
it must be a bit too big.
guess im just gonna use top-down view, add Einlanzer in the old never to be finished haunted manor because rune-ed's being gay and idk what to do to get hell connected to the maze..

yeah..that happenssometimes it happens because of a light you makeor perhaps a bad brushsave a new copy and try deleting the lights or sumthing..if that doesnt work delete some brushes n see if it helps etc

coolio! well at least i now know its not the size..

it could be the sizebut i think more likely its a problimatic brush or light or sumthingso dont give up just yet

it was a light!
thanks m8, well im gonna go test the elevator in hell because im just too damn lazy to make stairs.
well, ive got the basic geometry for Bosch, ye olde garden of earthly delights..
so..Satan's Hallow is next..and uhh.. damn i know there was gonna be three sections to this part of the level.
i'll just make a demonic barracks.

sweet im glad i could help you with that..i know how much it sucks when that happens (i had a similar error in war castle) you think to yourself "shit is all my work gunna be for nothing!?" lolol

yes indeed.. i was thinking the same thing.
well the mover in hell works! its textured and it takes you where you need to go!
although the mover moves kinda fast, i think i can slow that down.