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Tricky poll question

If you was standing in front of two houses and u was invited to both but heres the twisted part one house is filled wit gay men and the other a house full of women wit HIV/AIDs what would u do?...did i mention someone has a 9mm pointed at your head tellin

  • Take my risks with the Deseased women and die later instead of right then (10%, 1 Votes)
  • Hmm,Gay men well....not to bad. fuck getting shot!!! (20%, 2 Votes)
  • Use satros as your stuntman for this situation (50%, 5 Votes)
  • Or tell thugg they missing him on a episode of Fear Factor(Gay edition) (20%, 2 Votes)
Number of votes: 10

well u know i choose to use satros as a backup plan

well i chose gay house,and im not gay,and its just because you didnt say if we had to like have sex with whoever is in the house,so i wouldnt get shot,i wouldnt get aids,and i would lock myself in the bathroom to keep the gay guys away from my sexy self.

I Choose the " i am a ninja and i own the world " option

lol stuntman ahha sat go first!

no screw that, we do our own work venom, lets kill all these gay/aids noobs

lol ill let sat die first
then pulls out BIGASS KATANA

  • kills everyone *

are to women hot? if so pick that lol

lol we already sliced them in half but if ur a necrophiliac be my guest!

your siiiiiickkk

i'd press my head to the gun and say shoot me motha fucka, see what happens

and if they actually shoot me that's where venom proceeds to slice their heads off with a katana and satros uses his god-like abilities to bring me back to life minus the blown off head.

Lawl, odviously I'd use satros as a stuntman..I'd rather want to be on fear factor instead of Thugg lolthen again, its a gay addition

forget u all, ninja's win!

Rofl I cant believe how many asses would really respond to this question lol the smart ones i see are venom and syth they like, fuck it kill them all pull some jakie chan shit on the dude pointing the gun to your head.

i chose thugg lmao

lol hell ya we gankster ninjaz

lol. well, i'd be pretty safe in the house with the gay guyscause their gayso i wont get raped or anything.

well i guess i could go into the house with the women with aids, cause like, i wouldnt sleep with them. i'd in the same house as them >.>

RIGHT!!!! (sarcasm)

RIGHT!!!! (sarcasm)