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The War Economy

Fuck bros, the war economy is in a recession. Our major postbanks such as ThuGG Postnancial and Ambulance Party Mutual have gone off for college. It's a dark time to raise a child in war land.

I will create a stimulus package to save us all.

I need to make bank & lead the bailout OH DAMN. also post count for 1/3 of the month is pretty high showin signs of recovery.

Also surprisingly in march we had more posts than 2009 (the war post bubble).

It should also be noted that in October/Early November, the forums we're down for awhile, which is why the post count hit a all time low.

Wow this is worse than the U.s. Economy right now wait thats possible?

i like this chart =p

Kar wrote:
i like this chart =p

We need everyone doing their part, to post, and revive the war economy.

And i just helped right nao

I pledge to become more active on the WaR forums at the least.