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THE ^>v Game!!!!!!11111

K so here is how this game works,

Using these symbols, ( ^ > v ) It goes in this format on EVERY post.

^ -

v -

In ^- this space, you talk about the person above you,

  • you talk about you

v - you talk about the person who is going ot post next

I will start it off by double posting.

^ - Is a retard

  • Is wondering why he is actually doing this thread

v - Likes staring at mens butt's because it turns them on.

etc etc

Loki wrote:
^ - Is a retard

  • Is wondering why he is actually doing this thread

v - Likes staring at mens butt's because it turns them on.
etc etc

^ - is a dumbass for calling himself a retard

  • doesnt stare at mens assesmaybe lol
    v - cuts themself

^- is totally right about me cutting myself LOL JK

  • is gonna bring the doom to you all
    v- will die in 1200 hours

^ hax

thinks this game is an epic fail
V thinks satros is a sexy beast

^ really is a sexy beast

So totally just got laid before this game
v Is butt fucking the next person under


Is waiting for zod.
v Just realized the down arrow is a v

^Is retarded because i already knew

wants loki to stop sendin nude pix
v got bit by a zombie and came back to life as a zombie then walked the earth, but then was shot in the head and then that didn't kill em and then they like bit other people and made other people into a zombie and stuff, so yea

^Meh he's alright

Is sad because he doesn't have one of wick's cousins
v Is sad because they don't have one of wick's cousins. Unless it's murd. Then he's just sad all the time. Emo.

^ Soiled his underwear last reply

learns new languages by reading instruction manuals!!
V has many friends, but ther soul is damned..

^ Wow hes good

Hasn't posted in a while

\/ - Agrees that Jedi is a fag

^is a hardcore gangsta!!!

agrees with wick
v agrees with me and wick

^ is so getting laid for that post(by satros) and 5 post up this person just got butt fucked by Loki

WOOT! Is the Fucking Man and thinks Sadosi should be added to the gay list with Jedi
V Is better known as seemorebutts

^ is a black PLANCHA

has seen more butts than the black PLANCHA!!
v is uglier than a lard bucket full of armpits

^ just insulted me.

is a happy lark
v is probably gonna get fucked.

^ Is right, and it will be by satros

Is fucking sexy
v goes commando

^on her ass, then sets her on fire

Is the crunkest black plancha who got laid 2x's in a row before this post
V Is Sponge Bobs Bitch

^ slipped stat a few roofys in her energy drink and got layed 3 times before his post

eats krabby pattys from bikini bottom !!
v is still sexy!!

^Is right

love osidius
vlikes planchas!

^ get way from me

Knows what u did last summer
V is who i did last summer. with a baseball bat