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THE ULTIMATE BATTLE(read psot b4 voting)

Which would u be if given a choice?

  • Vikings (36.36%, 4 Votes)
  • LumberJacks (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Ninjas (36.36%, 4 Votes)
  • Pirates (18.18%, 2 Votes)
  • Robots (9.091%, 1 Votes)
Number of votes: 11

they are all good but..

i vote vikings at top cus whats better then going off to pillage, rape and burn stuff?? NOTHING!

lumber jacks come in second for me cus pancakes are fing delicious and u get to chop shit down

next for me is pirates cus getting drunk and shooting people is fun, how ever they lose points for lack of seks

robots are alright cus there made of metal and kick ass with lazers and whatnot

ninjas are in 5th for me cus the only thing they do cool is be stealthy and throw shit at people

vote for your top choice then say wut other places u wuld put shit in

i didnt even bother reading your stuff, ninja's win!!!!!!!!!!!!

frickon, ninja's slice off peoples heads and do backflips off buildings and are stealthy. that is just pimp, we all kill lumber jacks, pirates, and robots. they are all noobs. NINJAS WIN AT LIFE!!!

huh venom?


vikings u fuck faces!!!!!! u get like axes and sword and hammers and ppl r afraid of u just look at my sig lol

As much as everything in me and my fear of my karate teacher screams for ninjas, I'm going to say vikings because ninjas never seem to get sex. And the point of a viking's life is to kill stuff, drink, and bang as many girls as possible so to be able to reach heaven. I mean, c'mon. How could you not like that?


wut are me and syth the only tru ganksterz here?

ya vikings get laid ninjas like never hav sex (that ive hears of)

The guy in Ninja Gaiden got to hang around a blonde girl with breasts the size large melons, but she turned into a monster eventually anyhow. Besides her, I can't think of a Ninja even being around girls, let alone doing anything.

Which might represent Syth and Venom"LOL I can say poop!"Blade perfectly, come to think of it

ninja's dont need sex, if we want to reproduce we rip off our sperm cells and slice open our mate and put them in her, and after 9 months we slice her open again and take out the kid. thats how ninja's reproduce. huh venom? we kick all these gay vikings ass.

i'm saying robots are number one, cause their like walking talking computers. which is really awesome.

next, i guess ninjas, cause their quiet and quick like theives and they can fight off pretty much anyone.

thenhmm. i dont know. i guess lumber jacks. cause even though they DO kill trees, they dont rape and steal and kill people. they live in cozy little log cabins in the woods. thatd be fun. (and sat - pancakes are pretty irrelevant.)

i guess vikings and pirates would be tied. maybe vikings first tho, cause i do think they're nicer than pirates. i mean, they were discovering continents. pirates were just trying to steal gold.

vikings will eventually rule the fucking world assholes! plus i likes them titties and beer.
and i burn stuff and blow shit up and cut shit down so yeah i fit there.


Pirates first, because they are.. pirates.. they have swords.. own the sea.. and have big cannon things that can shoot you..

robots next.. cuz they are.. big. .metal.. and well.. they are scary

ninjas 3rd because they can bend.. funny.. BENDY! ;]]

vikings get 4th because.. well they are old.. have beards.. and tend to smell like sheeet..

lumberjacks are treehuggers.. so they are last..

.> lumberjacks are the opposite of treehuggers

they cut trees down! lol!

btw theres nothing wrong with treehuggers. save the trees >.<

psh nINJAZ ftw

First NinjasBecauseWell. Who doesn't wanna carry around swords and pointy objects to kill people?

SecondPirates, because they and.. stuff. Money is good. Expecially when you need it. >>

ThirdRobots.BecauseThey're built to nifty things. Yeaaa.

FourthVikings. YAY FOR MAIMING.

And fifthLumberjacks, because my luck, I'd cut the tree the wrong way and it'd fall on me. :/


syth we must induct here into the league of ninjas!! grabs sword now this wont hurt a big angel ^^


No one told me about any ninja rituals. ._.;;


omg wut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
syth angel LETS DO DIS!