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The Top Of Mount Everest

Ahaha,and no one believed i could do it!(Jk someone unlocked all the checkpoints so it was easy) hehe,sat was there and so was jedi and d12 good games guys,it was really hilarious,and btw jedi sorry for like blowing out your ears with my mic,So we got to the top and it was awesome.

Shot at 2007-06-28

That took forever! It was worth it though.

lmao, im suprised u were able to climb up the astriods lol

wtf GAY. i got so far, but then the serv lagged and whne lag was over i was exploded on the ground.

I got to like the 3rd checkpoint or sumthin and gave up. annoying ass map.

it can keep you going for hours though lol.

Triclone wrote:
it can keep you going for hours though lol.

Until the game is over and you start cursing the gods for why you weren't able to get to the top in time.

but we completed the mission didnt we?and without sat.

i cant even get to the second checkpoint

When it was just you me sat xister and those guys that didn't speak English. Sat was like "I must get to the second check point in 3 minutes!" and I'm like "Didn't it take you 5 minutes to get to the second one the last time?" and then it started over.

Just playing with the grappling hooks alone can keep you entertained for a while

Grappling hooks? Go on

ionno they arnt there every time but a couple times ive gone there u have a freakin grappling hook and this dude was showin me shortcuts. tab to shoot then it pulls u up it was sick.

yea using grabling hook is easy as hell on mt everest

yeah i usualy dont even use it to get anywhere i just play with it haha

GBJ aren't you admin in that server? Can't you hook us up with the grappling hooks???

yes please.they sound fun,and ive never seen them b4.

what sever ? if i know server

Oh you know what server GBJ. Tonight.. you.

prolly take me 5 minutes to climb with grappling hook. notice the 15 minutes at the bottom.