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The Secret to the Xbox360 is revealed

now you understand the playstation fanboys hate for the xbox

lol i was telling satros about that the other night ahha

except theres a triangle.. lol


What a horrible use of MS Paint

still evan with that conclusive evedence


dreamcast was the best :(



A very good video.

dreamcast owners are so full of themselves lol, if it was that great it would of stayed alive >:O

ok well explane to me why the DC@ can play multi speed burnt music and when you try and play the same CD that was just in your DC@ in a legular Xbox it cant read it


AND it was the first to support EDTV 480p output for better definition? CAN YOU SIMPLY BURN A GAME TO A CD AND PLAY IT WITHOUT ANY MODDING OR SPECIAL ENCODING ON XB360 PS3 OR WII?!?! NO!

I mean christ the thing could play Playstation games without modding!

It even made them look better:

omfg it plays playstation games? OH LAWD im gonna play my dreamcast all the time now thank god it still works :)

You just need to download the bleemcast disk image from somewhere, burn the iso to a regular CD, then pop it in..once you get to the yellow screen you take the disk out, put the playstation disk in, and walah!!! I'm sure you can find a better tutorial somewhere though haha but it takes literally 10 minutes.

they got bleam disks on ebay

Yea, they commercially released 3 Bleemed games to the public:

Gran Turismo 2

Metal Gear Solid

and something else

But if you get the beta for the FULL Bleem it plays hundreds of games.