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The person below me...

My old guild on another game used to play this game on the forums called the person below me and basicaly you just say "the person below me _" and then then person who posts next says right or wrong and sumthin witty u know the dealio but the shit my old guild came up with was pretty funny. soooo ill start. The person below me is a forumz FREAK!


Damnit vemon your supposed to make a new one after u asnwer it yes.


The person below makes gay.

The Person above me shared murds mom with osama bin laden on a sunday afternoon in a cave filled with gays

The people above me cant handle the intricacy of the game lol

lmao the person below me is god of all

yes, its true, i am,

the person below me is more than 1 half retarded

The Person Above me must know that Asians cant be retards.
The Person Below me plays rune.

damn asians

the person below me is emo

No, but I banged one once she was kinda freaky.

The person below is high at the moment.

I wish i was.NOT!

The person below me is watching pokemon.

so? the person above me is tri to the corn yamean/

no i actually dont get what ya mean? ok?

omf the person above me ruined it.

lol,the person above me is wrong

im not wrong
the person below me really feel it


the person below me has..uh brown hair?

me meee!
the persol below me is son of a box of black asians bitches

well i never said i was full Asian lol

The Person below me is full black.