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The only band you should ever have to listen to ever.


and part 2


inb4thissongistoolong  :troll:

i like the pictures better than the music =P

This thread is now about Nickelback

the fuck are you looking at queerbait?

We are 'badass' rockers.

Rocking out with our cocks out

Just chillin with my band bros by my car

black and white + shadows = meaningful picture

Hey yall hows it goin?

we hang out in random places, because we are 'free' spirits

Is it me or is it bright out here?

zany outfits from "old navy"

stylin' on you

back when we were young bros, good times, it was fun while it lasted, but im glad our music has "matured"

You know I'm not rocking until I put up the devil horns.

Top 5 Nickelback Songs of all time:



Far Away



Hey Fans,
My name is Chad, and I love every single one of you. All of you support me and my band so much and I love you all for it. You are the greatest thing in the world. Honestly, do you know what it feels for everyone to love you and wake up feeling it? I mean, I know I'm a bangin' rockstar, but I'm glad all of you love me and my music. And I want to hear your opinion, guys! Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I've been working so hard to get this far. My band won battle of the bands in high school, and we got signed straight to a label. I bet you fans can do so great as well with your passions and dreams! Also I must thank my wife for her love and support, that's her beside me (She just kissed me; Shit was SO cash :bank: :bank: :bank:). Keep on rocking on, everybody!
Thanks for listening!
Pic Related: It’s me and my cute wife.

Canadas pride Rock band Nickelback is responsible for more than a couple of hits on your radio this band top selling albums and soundtrack of Spiderman earned them a sold out concerts each and every time.

:plsgo: Clearly time for a combo breaker.


This thread is now fixed.

This thread is now about Souljaboy Tell'em

No homo shorty but our chests are straight flexin

Kiss me thru the phone!! <3


being the best rapper alive is so CA$H (count it bitches, $130, u mad?)

Me and my niggas pretty boy swaggin

Pretty Boy Swag

Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Crank Dat