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The Official Minimoose Doesn't Have A Laptop Yet Thread

w00t for long topic names and descriptions.

I miss yall all, college is great I've been partying my ass off and fucking mad bitches

But until Apple releases the new revision of the Macbook Pro, I won't be on here too often. The target date is annoucing September 9th, then releasing them September 16th. And I really hope so cause I'm WIGGIN' OUT. No sense and buying a fully loaded $3300 laptop and then having it obselete in less than a month. Anyway use Facebook or something for now it's easier on the iPhone as my college's wireless network is retarded.

Butt sex,

- Collin

Glad your having fun :]

Sept 16th will come fast

youre gay! yay

what does the gayness scouter say about his gayness level?

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#241234

My gaydars going off..

The cast of Will and Grace is literally in the room with me.

That's how gay it is.

Still don't have it.but at home with an icky PC for the moment.


no laptop today. sad

Collin = not

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god damn you and that song

Staticgirl wrote:
god damn you and that song

*Its probably the best song ever made !!!*

I = not?