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THE OFFICIAL Ideas for new user groups

i need ideas for a hierachy of user groups based on posts

so like

0 Noob
10 Not Quite Random
50 Kinda Random
100 Pretty Random
200 Quesadilla of Randomness
300 V.I.P. Member
500 Senior Member (VIP)
1000 Ultra Member (VIP)

from 300 up get acess to VIP section

gimme feedback ideas, if you like it how it is say so or +karma? kbye!

oh also these are war member groups

War Randomite
War Moderator

tell me what you think, if you think they should sound different, cooler , whatever

I'm not sure if the whole 300 posts + to get acess to VIP section is a good idea, I think just war members, any amount of posts cause people may just spam to get posts.. and how about 1500+ posts = Kittie Haxor (VIP)

its something to entice people into posting, i mean right now they dont even know what it is, it gives non members a reason to post and rewards them :P

if we dont like someone they wont be allowed in or can be banned from the vip section

right now all war members do get acccess to vip in addition to anyone with over 300 posts

also we will closly watch those who spam with bans for those who do continue to spam

also what colors should each name be, for example Administrator is red

MOD should be pink and green
because i said so.

and i liek the groups already.