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The Ninja song

rofl i got bored and made a ninja rap out of kittara's Sataro song.

It's Ninja time!!!
Get up 'n KILL!
Fuck sleep we are assassins
We kill in the night and sleep all day,
We don't work together, thats hella gay!
you want 2 die it will be my pleasure.
Fuck with us and your dead for the messure
That's a ninja's life bitch
Dark Ninja's, Silent assassins
katanas, ninja stars
black cloths, Food and spice,
and all that otha shit.

You wanna fight, its 30 on 1, no duels.
We can fix our problems,
Just Slice and Slash!
No need to watch out,
you give us shit and we'll kill ya'll fools.

Ninja's bitch wanna fight them fools?
Staticgirl, Wickedvamp, Kittara, Swarainiz
My ninja hoes
Sos, Kittie, Sythest, Venomblade
How about them? shit we aint no fools
L0$tB0Y, Bhaal, Death-Killer, FuryBeKnown
Ninja life, its the only life to be, gotta question?
We'll answer with a fuck homes " pleasssee "

Ninja life bitchez
'xcuse me while dispear,
its all part of being a ninja you feel the pride?

The ninja's gonna watch you,
We always do, wanna fuck with us
and we'll shank yo asses, that's the ninja life
Blood you got the pride?

That's a ripoff of my song XD, Pretty good, You actualy made it rhyme in some places, but still, GO FIND YOUR OWN SONG TO MURDERER! XDDD jk jk.

lol nice syth


I agree with Mattman.

(Oh, and I edited it a little. We're ninja WaRriors. We don't star out curse words)

needs the line

lAWL ninjas fo lyFE SYTH! WOOT.

do u feel the pride? FEEL IT!
im scared ..
the night is too dark and i read this..

lmao thanks guys i wanted it to rhyme pretty good, im really glad how it came out lol