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The Legend of Warmas.

(Actual use of mattman's face)

Once upon a time there was a jolly random man who lives in Antartica named Mattman Clause. Every year Mattman Clause gets on a trolly pulled by 8 magical plump manatees and delivers randomness to all the random little boys and girls of WaR Clan. Mattman wears a magical purple sparkly suit and a blue cap. Every Warmas' Eve the little members of {{WaR}} Clan gather together for the festivities and listen to classic Warmas songs such as "My Cattle: The Christmas Album", get really drunk off viking's mead and go to bed early so Mattman will come deliver randomness and lulz under the Warmas tree. The youngest members of the clan will usually leave out a Quesadilla or two for Mattman to snack on, along with some seaweed for his 8 trusty manatees.

As the WaR members sleep, Mattman crawls through their windows and delivers randomness and lulz under every tree, taking a few quesadillas and brews for the road. The unrandom fag children of the world however, don't receive a visit from Mattman. Instead people like the ToR clan get a visit from the Wizzler who kid naps them in his giant pouch made of slimy tenticles and snakes and takes them back to the world of wizzles forever. The next day {{WaR}} children awake wearing lulzy holiday sweaters and open their gifts of randomness. After opening randomness they go to the annual Warmas day ritual in which everyone gets drunk and kills a massive bee hive with swords. After the battle {{WaR}} members return to their castle for a feast of this year's best cattle and celebrate.

That is the tradition of Warmas!





yep your gettin it.