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The get I got got delivered. But failed.

Dane wrote:

Kar wrote:

Dane wrote:

Kar wrote:
you chose the justin bieber picture? haha XD

i wouldnt want the 'u mad' part, but i would def print out a pic of justin bieber and put it on ma wall. =p

He didn't CHOOSE to print it out! He

If you had thought

If you're not going to read something properly

Fuck this

SQUID: its not the fact that you didnt understand it and i did, and its not even the fact that you assumed that you understood it and i didnt. its that IN your post, you were talking to me like i was some kind of an idiot. and you used the goddamnit kar face (which you arent even authorized to use, btw).

dont fucking talk to me like that, what gives you any right to show such disrespect to me? i dont even know you, we've definitely never had a conversation, and of course, i did understand what was going on and you apparently did not. so seriously stop with that fucking attitude, nobody thinks youre smarter than me.

Has your account been hacked?

best. fucking. thread. ever.  :troll: :troll: :troll:

too much concentration of mad up in here gonna have to shut down this here operation YUPerr