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The ACTs today....

Kar, today I had the pleasure of sitting down to a 5 hour test, only to get to the final section, the science one, and read about the size of the glacial ice and mud deposits in your Godforsaken country. Now that I know that you have 20 meters of god damned silt and clay under Winnipeg until it gets to glacier rock, I'm sure my life will be greatly enriched.

Want to know how I know this?

I had 10 fucking questions about it. About THE THICKNESS OF WINNIPEG MUD DEPOSITS FROM ICE!

God, I hate you people

LOL!! even i dont know how much silt and clay is under winnipeg, and i live here. well i mean, i know now that you told me

ahaha. you dont hate us. you love us. or rather, you love me =D



btw how was it man, im taking mine in june

It was pretty easy. The entire test, question wise, is easy, but time was is a pain. 75 grammar questions in 60 minutes, 60 math questions in 60 minutes, 4 pages long reading passages and 40 questions in 35 minutes, and 4 page and then some science experiments and graphs with 40 questions in 35 minutes. Not to mention the half hour essay.

I have a (slightly water logged) review book, if you want to use it. I can bring it in on Monday.

sure that wuld be great

we dont have to take any kind of test like that here.. i wonder why that is..

Because you are uneducated heathens, that's why.

Over here in the US we have 2 standardized tests that basically everyone in the country takes, and all colleges use in deciding who they'll allow in, based on their ACT and SAT score. The SAT is the one mostly used in the NE part of the country, and the ACT is the rest of it, though alot of people take both.

we're not uneducated heathens >.<

we dont take any kind of tests like that.. we're just they just.. they KNOW we're smart, we dont have to prove it in a test. our country believes in us =D

they KNOW we're smart

you msut be a living example huh

anyways canada is communist then! DIE!


we're not communist! we just dont have to fill out a peice of paper to show that we're smart!

(and yes, we are all smart, even me)

then why dont u suport darwinism and the ideas of laissez faire hmmm!?!?

Exactly! Why do you insist on following a corrupt and archaic system of government, created and refined by a series of Russian dictators? The political and economic doctrine of capitalism has been proved throughout the world to be the most efficient form of government, in that it allows the consumers to most effectively determine the markets and flow of the system, allowing for the maximum efficiency of production to be reached.

lol you guys love messin with kar

yess. they do >.<

dont make fun of my government =P

thugg are you standing up for me, or just pointing out the obvious? not sure. maybe thank you though xD

iguess you could call it sticking up for you but i dont see why they hate canada so much

why wouldnt u hate canada? there all canada-y

cuz i dont hate anyone except that cho sueng hui guy but thats about it

im canada-y and proud of it XD

i dont hate anyone either. idk who that person is, that you hate, but yeah im with thugg on this one.

and canada roxxorz.

the guy i hate is the fucking guy who decided to go kill 32 people at virginia tech he deserves more than suicide

Do you know what it feels like to be torched alive
DO you know what it feels like to be spat upon
I will die like Jesus Christ.
I didnt' have to do it.. You forced me in a corner

thats not RUA tastic