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Thank you For choosing OBAMA

You may now proceed with your gloating rights.


OBAMAAA!! 08!!

i voted for obama

20 mins after about 20 people gathered between two groups of dorms, started chanting, shot fire works, then the police came, but they didnt do anything and eventually left so we started following them chanting, eventually we had over 2000 students of all races chanting OBAMA or CHANGE! or FUCK BUSH! or O.B.A-M-A, or YES WE CAN, i helped lead at some points , at one point the mob was lead into the library and shit, we toured through campus twice, gathering people as we went, always chanting, it was amazing, i feel optimisitc

there was times where i could see very far ontop of hills and you could not see where the mob/parade ended

pics later.

yea i was scared all day that mccain will win but now im calm
but USA's end is imminent lol

=) I didn't vote for Obama (lol ) I didn't vote at all for your election though

It doesnt matter who won, i swear allegiance to no man. >8( < Serious Face

lol this one chick was so mad that obama won that she had to check out of school early today and she was sayin that obama only won cuz of popular vote but isnt the electoral college supposed to base their votes on popular vote?

actually he won by both lmao

idk what shes talking about

cause if u look at the electoral college its like 330 to 150 lol

yeah shes retarded

ThuGG wrote:
yeah shes retarded

your all retarded, cya!!! Ron Paul For pres!!!! YAY!!!

yeah ron paul, "lets bring back the gold standard", then everyone can be poor and the economy will cease to exist!

I voted for pedro.


D: OMG SMART STAT >.< I totally should have voted for Pedro I was short on time so I didn't though

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*commits suicide

eell ooohh eelll

well than this is for all to enjoy