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Tha Night Crew{{WaR}}

ye, me jedi wick and (triclone at the end)played some awsome games all night, so yeah were gunna play a large assortment of games together every night, we go on ts and all that

games we played last night

1.Command and Conquer 3:TW(me and jedi) (while wick played gta:sa)
2.Halo pc (me,wick,jedi)
3.Rune (me,wick,jedi,triclone)

was fun as hell, we were on ts the whoel tiem and all that good stuff

rune especially, we kept having a war team and pwning it up, we even made a phalanx in the middle of an arena match lol

the night before we all played gears of war all night

tonight we will prolly be on again so join us if u want, were probly gunna play grand theft auto: san andreas online wich can be foudn in the clan only section, then who knows what game we will play..rune scape?? lolol, join the night crew if u dare

we uauly start playing games at 10 or 11pm est and go until about 5am est

ill join but i cant stay till 5 probably only 2 but um RUNESCAPE IS FOR THEY GEY but um and i also dont have like halo or any of the games like that u need a CD for other then rune

my 360's broken and my comp is too so kbye. im postin off friends comp

btw we use this ts:


lol ye anonymous was a bitch

anyways heres the report on last night, last night we played gta till 5:30 am, thats fun shit, starting rivalries with other people and putting hits out on each other, escaping drivebys with teamwork and good driving(jedi ), riding around the ghetto fears with a bike,pizza scooter,dune buggie and mammoth truck lmao, ye we are random, fun shit tho, hope u guys can join us tonite, altho im not sure if ill be able to be on.. i have a freind staying with me till thursday :/, but im hoping my daid will let me install gta on his laptop and my freidn can play wit me, if he wants

knvm fixed my 360


I use vent noobs

hm tonight i can't stay on till past 10:00pm probably but yea ill still be able to play for the rest of the summer

hmmm. the night crew sounds like another reality show

tonights the last night i can stay up late so ill try to be on

ThuGG wrote:
tonights the last night i can stay up late so ill try to be on

AWWW poor thuggy has to be ready for school i know how u feel man i gotta be ready in another week and im gonna hate college again.

I dont have school for another month

Yea same here. Tonight wasn't as good though. Everyone left :'(. But I got up late though

name date post wrote:
was fun as hell, we were on ts the whoel tiem and all that good stuff

Give me TS info ;p

dude guys,sorry iwant there on gta,my dad took away my computer so i would finish my pre honors english work,anyways about that,he is also say he might take my computer away monday-thursday so i will get my homework done b4 anything else, hes saying its for my future and crap to get good grades,so idk about it for sure yet,but well see what happens.

we did give the info sos, read a earlier post..

Yeah that phalanx was insane! Nice teamwork by the way Satros. I can't help thinking half the time the plan started with Kill Frozn. I got a shot of it right here.