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Test Your Connection

TEST YOUR CONNECTION lets see who wins this epic battle

prolly would be better if i plugged my pc in instead of wireless

Computer in my room that runs on shittay wireless :]

dam u bporr

haha my ISP is binghamton university

Ugh. I fucking hate Road Runner.

hahah mines fios wireless :3 so win

playing a game atm idk if that will make it lower but ill check again later

almost no difference out of game..bout 100 more thats it


..aww.. >_> mines so slow =P

mines slow too, but im at college so its ok

why is it okay to be slow as long as youre in college? =P

cause 13,000 other kids are on the same network watching shitty youtube videos and hogging mad bandwidth


Everybody is always on Facebook or watching My New Haircut in my college.

Are download speed is ok around 20,000 kilobits/second but our upload is rediculous at around 38,000 kb/s. (unusual to have the upload speed higher than the download speed) The IT department finally used the excuse of overflowing the college with new students and were able to purchase more bandwidth.

my two connections:

somehow i won at home??

wtf just happened


not bad comes close to Satros' college connection :3