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teamspeak mic

w00t im getting a fucking mic today i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!


sweet murd, now we can all go on ts and make fun of kittie since she doesnt have one yet

she'd just meow at the mic anyways..

ROFL we can also make fun of venom for 2 reasons 1. he has no pc mic
and 2. he says poop to much!!

HI MY NAME IS MURDERER IM SO GANKSTER I SHOT A MAN FOR LOOKIN AT MY HOUSE IN THE WRONG WAY high pitched voice lol jk murd but finally you got a mic

hey hey murd hey hey u ya u STFU!@@@@@@@

hey hey hey hey venom ya u ya u ya u hey hey hey hey venom ya ya ya u u u u stop[ saying poop[ so much!! racists

no im just fuckign with u venom rofl

heh ^^

what if i do have a mic? just dont feel like talking to you.. i mean who would wanna do that.. its like eww its u