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TeamSpeak is down

Someone fix it k?

teamspeak is down cause we need to order a new one static only ordered it for 1month so thats why its down

Send me $3-$23 dollars and i'll gladly get a new one for us.. otherwise, wait till i put money in my paypal.. I have a carnival to have money for and a friends b-day. i'll get money in soon dun worry.. i know how you guys can't stand TYPEING the sex.. you gotta speak it..

fucking weirdos..

stat thats true.. and sorry i was gonna hax the server to make it longer like the last one except i didnt have time it takes 20 days for it to stay another 40 but i didnt think about it till last week

so Kittie really does hack,shit thats awesome.

the teamspeak is down? i haven't been home lately i have been over at wicks hanging out and playing gears. you didnt know that she really does hack?

yes kittie does. h4x..
her best work like she said makin the other TS stay up for like 40 more days beyond expiration hehe

now she needs to hax her vocal chords so we can understand her in ts.

she doesnt need you to hear her when she wants something you better find a way to understand her tric . she'll h4x you. beware

its not my fault the mic i bought for 1 dollar sux go complain to the dollar store not me