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Team Justin or Team Cody?

Which tween sensation is the best?

  • Justin Bieber (42.86%, 3 Votes)
  • Cody Simpson (57.14%, 4 Votes)
Number of votes: 7


Justin Bieber has always been on top in the tween-fitted-hat-wearing-sings-like-a-girl scene, but now

So who is betterwho is more authentic and chill? Not sure, they both seem like pretty chill bros.

*Cody Simpson*

Sup bros, just playing some guitar on the beach while wearing my aviators [via being 12 but looking like a badass]

just chilling on the beach with my alternative fashionable friends drinking some cold ones (via juice and lemonade because we arnt old enough to drink alcoholic beverages)

*Justin Bieber*

Sup homeslices (thats ghetto for friend), just hanging out with some 30 year old black people im very "urban" even though im from canada.

And I was like baby, baby, baby. oh. Sometime it is hard to write deep lyrics like these, but some how it comes out of me, I guess i'm just a creative person.

I voted for Justin Bieber because that girl in Cody Simpson's video shouldn't be wearing that contraption.

sippin dat duice

Cody Simpson!

[s]Cody Simpson is a joke.[/s]
Cody Simpson is a respectable young man, and has a good music sound.

[s]Errbody got dat Bieber Fever.[/s]
Everybody has that 143

[s]Even Bieber knows how to rock. Hard.[/s]
Cody Simpson knows how chill out and stay cool.


cody looks like an even bigger [s]fag[/s] bro then bieber

Satros wrote:

Simple choruses are simple.

O____O HMMMM this is really hard.



WTF?! I would like them both dead, plx

Satros wrote:

^fag beign styled on

^styling on faggots

nice aviators, you must be going for that cody simpson look

I had the look before he was born. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Did a search on justin bieber in google, look what wikipedia has to say!

Uploaded with

Lmfao well its on wikipedia so it must be true

maybe when people become bored of justin bieber they'll be like 'OHAI, A NEW THING, <3 cody simpson'. then HE'LL be more popular.

Cody Simpson taught me an important lesson:

143 means "I love you"

That and Iyiyiyi

Justin Bieber taught me how to love again.

[quote author=Kar'Rina link=topic=3162.msg39356#msg39356 date=1280359559]
maybe when people become bored of justin bieber they'll be like 'OHAI, A NEW THING, <3 cody simpson'. then HE'LL be more popular.

noonce people FINALLY stop liking justin bieber and see this cody simpson fella theyll automatically think OH HES JUST A BIEBER WANNABE and not like him right then and there..cuz i mean he basically is the exact same god damn 14 yr old never gonna hit puberty teen sensation who sounds like a female that has all the females going crazy right now till they get older..sorry i raged a bit on these 2 cuz the whole lil boy singer phenomenon got old after chris brown..

chris brown isnt a 'little boy' singer :P and hes def not like a justin bieber/cody simpson pre-teen-sounding-like-a-girl-thing =P

before he hit puberty..