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Sup Everyone

Hows everyone been , iam gonna get back to playing Rune again after i fix the problem that made me quit , just dropignby to say hello and that ill join you all soon.

hey man welcoem back, hopefulyl ul lactualyl fix it this time

i havent seen u in rune

whats that cute smilie for ? jr ?

We all need to play rune again!! god!

even me.. im so lame.. stupid school.

i play rune.

i think i play rune

no u suck at rune
u cant call waht you do playing.

i play Rune,and does anyopne think that SOS will actually start playing again?

he does play


well he started playing, then he died again lol

lol,i seriosuly dont htink im ever gonna quit playing rune.

Yaya SOS back!!!!!. Now what??? can i go back to doing nothing now????

what cute smile ? what u meen