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stopping by to say "Hi"

Hi, all. Haven't posted here for ages, literally! There were bunch of reasons why I couldn't, but, them doesn't matter now. Just thought I should say "hi" since I'm around for a little bit, maybe some of you will still remember me. {{WaR}} doesn't seem to have changed much overtime, still same topics going on like i can remember lol

forgotten you? who do you think we are lol

how are you swarry


we could NEVER forget you you :)

Hi Kittie 8)

Satros wrote:
forgotten you? who do you think we are lol

well I myself hardly remember things that happen more than a week ago lol but that's just me

SWAR! <33333

im just as bad i run off for weeks than show up at odd times like a cat thats missing for days


Damn dude i see you on MSN all the time, THATS! so fucking crazy isnt it?!?!?!?

Welcome back, smoke one


FYALZodiacWAR wrote:
Welcome back, smoke one

Maan, I'm tellin him the same, can't get him to do it tho, damn