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Some possible things in the future?

ill be home for a month in 2 weeks, and i want to play mad games while i do that lol

so heres some things ive been thinking of

War machinma (been thinking aobut it for awhile, i gotta get my tv tuner to work but i was thinking we could make a seiries on halo 3 or something and get like 2-3 episodes made and see if it goes anywhere from there/we get any popularity, etc)

Computer games: i want to play some games, i think im going to try CS for a bit and perhaps left for dead or Savage 2. in addition to this im gunna play rune alittle, thinking of making a map or 2 to release once ive made war clans runedownloads website, to draw some attention to it, anyways, who is up for playing with?

i want to try cs see how it is, if not we can all play savage 2, its fun and [glow=red,2,300]free to download/play[/glow] (its a mix between FPS,Melee(like Rune),some RPG elements but more like unreal tourney style of gameplay(maps,modes,servers

I can probably get an xbox game or 2 before you get home to play with you guys
(that is if im not lazy) :]

i'll play rune of course, i miss it