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This is one of the more common topics on the paranormal board of 4chan. I'll post the original creepy pasta here soon. For now, pictures. For understanding the pictures, Slenderman is this vaguely humanoid thing that is very tall and has either multiple limbs or simply limb like protrusions from its body, and it supposedly causes children to disappear, killing any adults who stand in its way as it attempts to take them wherever it takes them. A lot of these are artists' representations, but a few are alleged photographs.

This one's a little hard to tell; he's behind the long banner hanging from the fence.

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Slenderman is probably one of the better memes/charcters on /x/, i'd have to say.

All i remember about the original story was that some kids went missing, and this slender man was seen in these photos shortly before they went missing, and then there was some library/archive fire that destroyed a lot of evidence or what not.

Also, if you go to youtube, there's a small mini series thing that features Slenderman called Marble Hornets.

Yeah, I've seen Marble Hornetskinda ruined the whole thing for me.

damn, that's actually pretty creepy

Here's a fairly interesting video about the history and whatnot.

I was mad when I saw this had that queer Requiem for a Dream music, btw.  :rage:

I don't get it all I see is trees  :troll:

Satros wrote:
I don't get it all I see is trees  :troll:


inb4 horribly shooped stickmen

Kinda funny how people can create something this creepy out of nothing lol