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Sat's death...

So we were like playing Gears and like Sat got tagged and jumped away to save us. I maked me a comic!

For some reason it's making gay with itself and being small. Sorry but I'm not making it over again. >:(

true story

we were all standing around and some guy comes up, soon we were in an epic battle, in the end we killed him but at a price, he had stuck me, with the worse of grenades, in slomotion i looked down at the grenade attached to my chest, i knew what had to be done, i had to get that bomb outta there before it took venom and jedi along with me,i then looked up and with my final once of energy leped back saying the words "Goodbye" BOOM

lolol sad huh

cool lol

u suck jedi i only cried for 1 minute..

Sad? HAHAHA, i bet that was kitties minion in secret.. heh